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                      Dottie, The legend that got away pt.1 - By UniversalBassin

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The legend of "Dottie" is a story well known throughout the world of fishing for being the pinnacle of angler tales. Our story takes us to the southern parts of California where three men Mac Weakley, Mike Winn, and Jed Dickerson have been on the dotty radar for a good portion of their lives. The winning recipe for catching a world record class bass is what you ask? Well start with being up bright and early out on the lake during spawn season. Most notably of the trio is Jed Dickerson who at one point spent 70 days on Lake Dickson on the hunt for the beast herself. Jed holds the 4th spot on the all time list with his 2003 catch of "Dottie" weighing in at just under 22 pounds. What kept Jed and the crew grinding for the record was the hope she was still alive and well swimming in Lake Dickson. 

March 6th, 2006 

The trio is once again out on the lake when they believe they spotted "Dottie" on a bed. As it is to late to actively pursue her the men get a camp sight for the night. The next morning on a overcast, drizzly day the man himself Mike Winn FINALLY hooks into a giant on a jig. As the fight rages on they make a disappointing discovery that she is foul hooked which according to game regulations will not count as a record. As shown above pictures do this bass no justice. Her unofficial weight came it at 25 pounds 1 ounce which would have been a new world record. As she is released into the depths the hunt will continue for "Dottie" the legend who got away...

Dottie, the legend that got away pt.2

As the search for Dottie rages on the men discuss which outcome they prefer to happen saying "I love to see a kid or elderly person catch her" other man saying "I prefer if we didn't catch her.. no one to catch her." As the men are on the continuous hunt for the world record herself they are just getting out of Lake Dixon for the day when Jed Dickerson receives a call that could change his life forever. It's from the Lake Dixon office where a fishermen has just found a MASSIVE floater as said by Jed. Immediately heading back for the lake in surprising odds for it to be Dottie. As Jed arrives to the lake he is presented with what we can only describe as something out of a Stephen King novel. As Jed reaches down to grab the behemoth that is presumed to be Dottie he sees the distinct black dot on her lower lip. Shock and in a complete turn of events in our eyes Jed is happy the legend has come to an abrupt ending. The fish he has fought so hard to catch with every ounce of energy in the his body lay before him dead and gone. 

Dottie the beast who seemed to be immortal must have passed after spawning for the season. As this tale comes to an end we think to ourselves her genes could still be in that lake just waiting to grow another MEGA bass....

                            Without Limits - by UniversalBassin

The true passion of a real angler out ways every obstacle that life throws at them. Although this man is bound to a wheel chair he let's nothing stop him from getting out on the water to live his dream. It truly puts life in perspective and makes you take a step back to reflect on your own life. Fishing for some is a career or hobby but for this man it is his way of expressing his gratitude that he stills has the ability to get out there. This man is the definition of the phrase "Without Limits." We leave you with this...

What's your excuse for not following your dreams? Get out there an follow YOUR dreams!

*we would love to credit this man for his amazing attitude. Please email us or dm us if you know where this image was first taken*

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